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ONLINE ONLY SALES Terms and Conditions

1. The Sales management acts only as an agent on all sales and are not responsible for buyer/sellers errors or misunderstanding. ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND GUARANTEES ARE BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER. All horses are sold “AS IS” without any other express or implied warranties and are not sold to stand a post purchase veterinarian examination, nor is rideability guaranteed. Examine all horses thoroughly prior to purchase.

2.Mares selling in foal must have a completed and signed breeder’s certificate or a letter from the stallion owner stating the breeder’s certificate will be issued at foaling.

3.R&J Horse Sales (and the entities and/or individuals responsible for conducting same) are merely acting as an auction house as to all sales or potential sales and are not responsible for any error, misunderstanding, misrepresentation, rejection or any particular sale, failure to pay as bid, condition of the horse or any other basis for dispute between the buyer and seller/consignor/owner.

4.The commission will be ten percent (10%) of the selling price. The consignor will have the privilege to “no sale” (pass out) his horse.

5.All horses sold before, during and after the sale will be subject to the 10% sales commission. All consignments must go through the online sale.

6.An individual negative Coggins yest (that is current within 12 months) must be provided by the seller/consignor/owner for each horse prior to being offered for sale.

7.  Seller/consignor/owner agrees not to withdraw entry except for serious injury or sickness and will furnish R&J Horse Sales with a veterinary statement confirming such condition prior to the horse being offered for sale.

8.Upon execution of this contract, seller/consignor/owner agrees not to dispose of the horse by private sale. Any horse withdrawn from the sale, for any reason other than infirmity will be assed 10% of the selling price or a $500.00 penalty, whichever is greater.

9.Any horse selling as Papers in Association will have sale proceeds withheld from the consignor until original registration papers are received in the R&J Horse Sales office.

10.Terms of sale are cash, check, wire transfer and payment in full to be made to R&J Horse Sales immediately after the sale.

11. PICTURES AND VIDEOS ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED. Our sales are nationally advertised, and buyers travel many miles for the opportunity to buy your horse. All pictures are subject to a selection process and will be approved by Auction Company for publication.

12. Immediately after the horse is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer thereof, but possession of the horse cannot be obtained by him until payment in full has been made.

13. Buyer to pay one transfer fee

14. Upon receiving payment for a horse, the cashier will issue an order to obtain delivery. Buyers are cautioned not to lose these orders. Buyers assume all expenses and risks on horses after they have left the auction ring . Buyers must make arrangements with the sale company for care of stock until it can be removed.

15. Upon failure of compliance with any of the above conditions, the lot shall be resold by public or private sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such resale shall be made good by the defaulter immediately. If any person shall purchase a lot and not pay for it as prescribed above, nothing shall prevent the auctioneer or the owner from compelling the purchaser to pay for it if the auctioneer or seller shall so deem fit.

16. Any horse selling as Papers in Association will have sale proceeds withheld from the consignor until original registration papers are received in the R&J Horse Sales office.

17. Checks will be mailed within 10 banking days to consignors unless there is an issue with registration paperwork from consignor on horses sold